Sacred Breathwork

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The Sacred Breathwork

is one of the most powerful and beautiful 

healing and transformation ceremonies on the planet.



Each person becomes his own shaman,

and finds by himself the path of his own healing



It helps us to connect to the Sacred, 

through non ordinary states of consciousness,

without taking any plants or drugs.



To give you an idea, 

here is a short presentation of what can happen 

at the begin of a Sacred Breathwork ceremony :




This ceremony, based on ancestral indigenous practices,

older than hundreds of years,

allows healings, not only of our personal history of life, 

but also of problems linked to our birth

or sometimes to past life, 

but also connected to collective unconciousness.



Our behavior patterns or traumas

are also shown and

find here a way to be dissolved.



The Sacred Waters, the Aguas Unidas, 

are present during the ceremony,

and help Minthé to connect

with your inner waters, in order to help you.



Sacred Breathwork



Individual Sacred Breathwork session


at least 4h

in individual session with Minthé 


250 €


Individual Sacred Breathwork sessions

are only possible at Lablachère (07230), 

on sunday and  tuesday

in the afternoon or in the evening 



Sacred Breathwork



For her individual consultations and shamanic healings,

Minthé welcome you, on appointment


at her consultations room, in 07230 Lablachère (les 3 Ateliers), 

Ardèche, France

on each tuesday and sunday





at her consultations room, in 07200 Aubenas (Lachapelle), 

Ardèche, France

on each wednesday





at her private home, in 48800 Altier, 

Lozère, France

on the other days





when she travels  

(France - Belgium - Switzerland)


Beside of that, she offers private consultations at distance

on Skype or Messenger (internet)



For group Sacred Breathwork ceremonies,

(different places)

see the dates on the page :




More infos about Sacred Breathwork :


See also Mikkal's webpage (in english) :

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