Standing women, walking for peace !

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Merci à Patrick J. Michel pour cette magnifique photo (c)

Thanks to Patrick J. Michel for that wonderful picture (c)



  In these days of war :


We, standing women,

  Waters carriers ...




We stand up and walk for peace



with the Sacred Waters




and may all those who feel called walk with us

to rivers, lakes and seas ...


every day !




    Connected ! ...


    Together ! ...




We'll not fight with weapons,

we'll not fight with words,

we'll fight with love !




Yes, it's a fight indeed ...

A fight against human folly

that destroys everything on its path...


The people, the innocents,

and Mother Earth ...


in the name of profit, politics,

a so-called new order of things in the world,

or religion.


Today, the call is initiated.

Don't wait !

Let's walk together to the waters !




Every day, sincce today, somewhere in the world, 

the Aguas Unidas, in the hands of their guardians,

will celebrate ceremonies for the waters of Mother Earth.



Every day, walking to the waters, you'll be abble to connect with Them,

simply by saying Their Name !




Wherever you'll be, on the beach,

the longest river, the quiest pond,

or the fiery ocean,

under the shower, in your bath,

or in front of a bowl of water, in meditation,




in prayer, in meditation, in tears,

in song, in dance ...


touch the water, talk to it,ask it for grace and forgiveness, and thank it !


Every day !



Pray that they don't become furious,

pray that they don't overflow,

pray that they carry peace in every heart,

and that they help crazy people to recover wisdom.




Pray for peace !



Let's do it together

Because together, we are stronger !  




Love and Gratitude !!!






Prayers and songs to help you :

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