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Medicine-woman and water missionary, 

Minthé belows to Walloon People,

and was adopted by


Grandmother Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf


who gave her the 

« Warrior Woman Initiation » 

in the Apache Tradition.




After she heard it by 3 times in dreams, 

Oh Shinnah gave her as name :

« Hatch Oh Neh » 

(Standing Strong Woman).


As a  Warrior, she works for peace.


Minthé is an international speaker and teacher

She belows to the  

Water Carriers Tradition

and leads water ceremonies 

which are for free and open to everyone.


She is known as 

« the Water Shaman »


Minthé avec les Aguas Unidas

Minthé has a diploma in


(Shamanic Coaching) 

and in 

Sacred Breathwork

from Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies (USA)



She works side by side since years with 

Dr C. Michael Smith 

(Mikkal), Ph. D,

Cherokee psychologist, 

and American healer (USA)






Minthé offers private consultations :



Water Talk

aswell as

Shamanic Coaching


Shamanic Healing


Sacred Breathwork



Reiki practician and teacher 

she also can help you with 

Osho Zen Tarot



* * *



Minthé is the responsible person for french speaking edition of 

« Emoto Peace Project »

created by Dr Emoto for children all over the world



Carte Postale "Je soutiens le Projet de Paix Emoto" (recto)


Since 2009, Minthé gathers the waters of all over the world  :

the Aguas Unidas



Cérémonie en connexion avec les Aguas Unidas - tous les 1ers du mois - partout dans le monde


She is the initiator of 

« Aguas Unidas Project »

for bringing fresh water in Africa



Carte Postale "Je soutiens le Aguas Unidas Project pour l'eau en Afrique" (recto) -


Minthé created the non profit

« La Caravane des Sources »

(The wells's caravan)

for bringing teachings about water,

conferences, ceremonies free and open to everyone,

and to support different projects about water


She offers workshops like

initiation to water shamanism,

and leads many women circles 

and an initiation for 

Water Carriers



* * *



Minthé created the

7 Directions Sacred Dance

and offers 

7 Sacred Directions School

a medicine wheal around the 7 Directions

and an initiation to basic shamanism



* * *



She also led the

8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony In France,

toke part to the 13 Grandmothers Council in Spain

aswel as International Meeting around Water 

in Zaragoza (2008),

led a meditation for peace  at the

1st « Women Spring » (2010),

organized and led the 

Ceremony for Atlantic Ocean (2010)

in Britanny in presence of Dr Masaru Emoto …, 

and led the opening ceremony for 

24 h meditation for seas and oceans

at Grand Rex in Paris (2016)



* * *



Since numerous years, every year, she is part of

The Shamanic Festival

in France



* * *



Minthé toke part to the movie (Loïc Sallet)

« Aquanime ».


DVD Aquanime

She is cowriter of

« Plumes de chamans »,

(Shaman's feathers)

at Guy Trédaniel – Véga Editions





She welcomes people on appointment

for private consultations



Site : www.AguasUnidas.com 









Minthé is not a medical doctor, nor a psychologist.

She uses technics that she learned from 

Indigenous medicine men and women from different traditions.


Those consultations and healings are for your wellness

and personal development 


Water shamanism is practiced without use of any plants or drugs 

in  the respect everyone's freedom

and doesn't replace conventional medicine.


You are invited

NOT to stop your medication or medical appointments.




Minthé has an online- shop :



She is registered as "micro-entreprise" in France for her activities,

and delivers bills without tva (vat)

« TVA non applicable - article 293 B du CGI ».


Siret 790 531 594 000 14


English translation :

Much things ... First, a grandmother who was a healer ... So, something in the family ... Apparently, she transmitted something to me. Than, a moment in my life where I lost myself in the regular life. Than, a research ... What am I doing on that planet ? and than, I began to have interest for naturopathy, Reiki, life after life, and so on ... and than a meeting.

A meeting with a shaman who arrived in my house. At that moment I had bed and breakfast with my husband, so we accepted to welcome a workshop, and that shaman came to my place, and it became an incredible revelation, finally I toke part to the workshop, what was not supposed to be ... and than I was called by the glaciers and I went there ... and than I received that name "Minthé" ... so all that during a certain time of course.

So I received that name from a mexican shaman. Minthé is a water guardian divinity in his country. So, I thought "wow, why water ? what do I have to do with water ?" so I began my little research in my "personal archeology" ... hehe ... and I realized that finally, since I was a little child, I always was very connected to water, taking my shoes of to walk in the snow ... things like that, that my parents were finding a little "strange" ... and so I thought "wow yes, there is something there", and so, step after step, water began to speak to me.

So it's very special, because you know, when water speak to you, you hear some voice, but you have no idea where it comes from ...

QUESTION "and the "master" who taught you helped you to analyse ??? ..."

Nothing ! Nothing ... I had teachers, masters, mainly at the begin, who were bringing me to some places, where I had to do by myself. So, the first shamanic journey that I did toke me 3 weeks to come back. I was physically there, but I was like "flying", I was like a teenager of 13, in love for the first time. I was literally ... (movements turning) ... so I learned by myself.

But what was strange was that the shaman was following me from far, like saying "so, you received some message from the water spirit?", while he was know supposed to have heard it. But it was always very very "far" . So I had to do it by myself.

Than water asked me to do certain things, I accepted to do it. The water asked me to go see the wells, find guardians. I had no idea how to find the wells, beside taking a map ... ha ha ... no idea how to find the guardians ... and than everything just happened.

Than I was asked to gather the waters, so I did. So, everything toke place just naturally.

QUESTION " to gather the waters ... what about?"

So, to gather the waters... it cam by a message in channeling. A lady delivered me that message, and ... no idea why ... it just resonated very strongly. I felt it was right. She first said to me "you have to gather the waters of the 4 directions" than "no no no ... 5 continents ... and you have to begin with the water of Ganges". So you have to know, till there, I had never token a plane, so I was a little afraid about it ... thinking "wow ... taking a plane ... wow .. water of Ganges ..." So, no time to answer something ... than she said to me "but maybe you can send someone" and than the idea was just becoming reality, step after step ... and I realized that I had a friend, also a shaman, who was in India at this moment, and who had said to me 'I don't know why, but I have to go in India", so I asked him ... haha ... "would you like to bring me some water of the Ganges ?"

And it just happened that way, boum, so we began to gather the waters ... I began to gather the waters ...

So, there are waters from everywhere. I said to people " I have to gather the waters of all over the world". So waters began to arrive to me, people bringing them from their vacations, than Sacred Waters, than Amma who already gathered some waters for her 5Oth birthday ... So, those waters came to me, than Diamond Water, so many informed waters too. From everywhere.

Than one day, a friend of mine, here from Paris, brought to me two bottles of waters, in her two hands. In one hand she had the water of Jordan River, and in the second hand, the waters of the Mecqua. And there, I realized that something just incredible was happening.

Than some Amerindian Grandmothers began to send me some waters ...

QUESTION " grandmothers means shamans?"

Grandmother in fact is a "title", in english we say "elders", it means "the people who have the knowledge, a practice, a wisdom to share"

So, those Grandmothers sent to me some waters, saying "those waters toke part to hundreds of ceremonies, they want to be with you" So I gathered them.

At the begin, I was giving some of those waters to the people who were asking to me "may I have some of "your" waters?" so I was giving them with pleasure, and than the waters said to me "nonono you stop, because people don't know what to do with us, we can be misused, so you will have to give some initiations in order for the people to know what to do with those waters, and also they may not go to men's hands, they only may go to women's hands..." So I said "ok, but what about initiations?" and they answered "don't worry, we will tell you!"

QUESTION "so it"s a deal also, to accept that ... "don"t worry..." so, a work on yourself also ..."

Yes. All my shamanic work is going that way. Also when I came here ... I had to do a ceremony ... but I had to idea what, how ... I never know in advance what I am going to do. I cannot organize, I just let things coming to me.

TEXT (Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf) : the only thing we give to the world in the way we live our life.

A part of my work is a shamanic work, of course, - how to say it ? - a work of awakening, and especially for women, because women have a special mission to carry the waters, and to take care of waters, so my work is about awakening and about initiation about that ...also my job is to carry those waters where they are supposed to go, it means allover the Planet, because they have a mission, some things to share, they go to the rivers, they go to oceans, we re-give those waters, they are not only gathered ... 

My job is also a healing work, for helping people. I am not a medical doctor , hehe, but ... healing of the soul, more exactly. I am also doing a lot of work like that too. A work of inside waters healing. All that is mainly my shaman's job.

Beside of that, (you asked me a question that I did not finish to answer too, it was about Apache, etc), I come back with that because I want to explain something to you about that : when I met an amerindian shaman who's name is Blue Eagle, he recognized something in me, he recognized some spirit guides, and he said to me " that's strange, you have the same spirit guides as Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, with whom I studied, and who is an Apache Grandmother" and he said to me "I would like you to meet with her". And I said "Yes I know it, since the first day I opened your book, and saw her name, I know that I have to meet her ! but I don't know why, and mainly, she lives in "Petaouchnok" (which means middle of nowhere, very far) ... haha " So, that was kind of impossible (in my mind) ...

Than one day, he called me, and asked me "are you still ok to meet with Oh Shinnah?", and I answered "I said yes you know, I am not someone to change of advice, when I say yes, I don't have to say it by 3 times, my yes is yes" and so he said "Good. Its ok, she is ok to meet you, we go there!" So, we went, and for me, who never toke that plane before, I toke 6 planes to go and come back, and I went to meet with Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, who accepted me (what do I say?) who adopted me ... in her tradition. So I am now for her, legally, her daughter.And she gave me also the warrior woman initiation. So if you want, we will speak about it later ... but, to come back with that, what Oh Shinnah was saying to me (in fact that's the main point in her life)  is that the only thing that we give to the world is the way we live our life.

And that ... For me, I live with that ... al the time. I think, it's good to meditate, to pray, to do all what we are just doing here, but beside of that, is the matter. And what am I doing in the matter ??? if I wal on the feet of someone homeless and I don't give him(her) something to eat, is really my spirituality useful ?

So, based on that, I have for now 2 big projects :

- one is based in Africa. So I work for now with a non profit organization : Charity Water, and so we gather money, as well as we can, through different activities and we send that money on that project in order to plant some drinking water wells in Africa

- the second thing, which is also one of the biggest project of my life, is that (I was just walking around with my little books) : the Message of Water, a little book made by Dr Emoto, that I translated (exactly revisited the translation, because it was already almost done), and that we are in charge of, with the association that I created. The fact is that Dr Emoto came in France in 2009-2010 maybe, asked me to organize a conference for him. That was the first on I made with him. In Cassis, France. And we began to speak about that book, which existed before in english, spanish ... so I said to him "I am interested in your project, I would like to make it and take care of it in french", so we created that association, gathered some money, the people began to move around, and for myself I began to organize some things as volunteer, in order to gather some money for the project. And finally we could gather enough money in order to be able to print a first 10000 books. So, they are those books, I was just carrying to put on the table in the entry of the event here. So, that book is dedicated to children, in order to show them what happens with water when we say words, when we write, or play some music to water, and also show though some experiences, like per example the rice experiment, which is here and that you probably know about, what happens if you say "bad words" to water ? or what happens if you say "I love you, you are nice" ? So that's it, and in fact, the children can see through experiments, what happens in their bodies's waters, also in other people's waters, and so in the planet's waters ... so that's it !

So those are really the 2 projects that I am leading for now, in the matter. But there will be some others, because they are some other things "flying" in dreams ...


The references :

Published by minthe.over-blog.com - In english





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Interview de Minthé dans People Act Magazine

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de l'eau potable pour tous ...

fresh water for everyone ...

Un projet pour amener des puits d'eau potable là où elle n'est pas présente, essentiellement en Afrique.

A project to bring fresh water wells where it needs to be done, mainly in Africa.

En partenariat avec "Charity Water"

In partnership with "Charity Water"





Le Projet de Paix Emoto





pour éveiller les enfants à la conscience de l'eau

to awake children to water's consciousness 

Minthé est responsable de l'édition francophone du livret "Les Messages de l'Eau" à destination des enfants

Minthé is responsible for french speaking book "Messages of Water" for children





L'eau n'est pas une poubelle






Des actions pour le nettoyage des eaux et des plages

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Enseignement et pratiques chamaniques de base,

axés sur la Roue de Médecine amérindienne.

Pour tous


Basic shamanic teachings and practices,

based on th amerindian medicine wheel.

For everyone



Ardèche :


-  L'Ouest - la mort

    du 24 au 26 novembre 2017 



-  le Nord - les Ancêtres

   du 09 au 11 mars 2018 



-  le Père Ciel - nos guides

   du 22 au 24 juin 2018 



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   du 23 au 25 novembre 2018



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   du 02 au 04 mars 2018



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    du 25 au 27 mai 2018



-  L'Ouest - la mort

   du 07 au 09 septembre 2018



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    du 16 au 18 novembre 2018



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En Belgique, en France, en Suisse, selon la demande


In Belgium, France, Switzerland, following requests





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"Filles de la Lune et de l'Eau"


Water Carriers initiation

"Daughters of the Moon and the Water"




A propos de l'Initiation


About the initiation


Réservé aux femmes

Only for women




en Ardèche (07) :



-  Du 09 au 12 novembre 2017



-  Du 05 au 08 avril 2018



-  Du 04 au 07 octobre 2018





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Respiration Sacrée


Sacred Breathwork™




Qu'est-ce-que le Sacred Breathwork™ ?


About the Sacred Breathwork™


Cérémonie de guérison, où

nous devenons chacun notre propre guérisseur ...

Pour tous.


Healing  ceremony,

where we each become our own healer ...

For everyone




2017 :



-  En Isère, du 21 au 24 septembre 2017

   (psycho-chamanisme - avec Mikkal - 3j)



-  En Ardèche, du 13 au 15 octobre 2017 




-  En Isère, du 05 au 10 décembre 2017

   (intensif 2j 1/2 ou 5j)




2018 :



-  En Ardèche, du 23 au 25 février 2018




-  En Isère, du 22 au 25 mars 2018

   (psycho-chamanisme - avec Mikkal - 3j)



-  En Isère, du 05 au 10 juin 2018

   (intensif 2j 1/2 ou 5j)



-  En Ardèche, du 02 au 05 juillet 2018

   (mini-intensif 3j)



-  En Isère, du 20 au 23 septembre 2018

   (psycho-chamanisme - avec Mikkal - 3j)



-  En Ardèche, du 19 au 21 octobre 2018




-  En Isère, du 04 au 09 décembre 2018

   (intensif 2j 1/2 ou 5j)





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Dimanche 1er octobre 2017



Dimanche 28 janvier 2018



Dimanche 1er avril 2018



Dimanche 22 juillet 2018



Dimanche 14 octobre 2018





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Conférences Emoto Peace Project




Jeudi 7 septembre à Moutier (Suisse)





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avec les Aguas Unidas


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Jeudi 09 novembre 2017



Vendredi 24 novembre 2017



Vendredi 09 mars 2018



Jeudi 05 avril 2018



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Vendredi 23 novembre 2018




En Suisse :



Vendredi 08 septembre 2017



Vendredi 02 mars 2018



Vendredi 25 mai 2018



Vendredi 07 septembre 2018



Vendredi 16 novembre  2018





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Cérémonie mondiale pour la paix 


Worldwide ceremony for peace




Plus d'infos ici


More infos here


En connexion avec les gardiennes des Aguas Unidas,

le 1er jour de chaque mois, partout dans le monde


In connection with the Aguas Unidas's guardians,

the first day of each month, everywhere in the world







Prière pour la médecine de l'eau (Minthé)



La grande invocation (Dr Masaru Emoto)



La Danse Sacrée des 7 Directions (Minthé)



Chants de l'eau (divers)




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Actualité - Protection de l'eau



Standing Rock Nord Dakota


Tournée "Stand up with Standing Rock" en Europe


A few words in english about Standing Rock support


Interview de Minthé à propos de Standing Rock


Projet "Water is life"


Oléoduc outaouais de Transcanada


Noyon Mountain en Mongolie


Projets miniers en Bretagne


Femmes debout pour la Paix





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Païenne - Selena Fox



31 octobre - Samhain



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