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 Dr. Masaru Emoto is still in hospital in Japan. Through your prayers , he finds some strength and joy! He thanks you ! Keep a candle and pray for him, to soften this difficult time in his life, 
to help his immune system to fight , and to help him to keep the joy
that has always accompanied him in his life as a missionary of the water!
On my side, I decided to offer him as gift, to achieve a project that we had together.
With your help, we will edit , publish and distribute the French version of the book
for kids!
We need your help, your donations
( please emoto.peace.project.europe@gmail.com for account info etc ...)
And also we need a good price for printing.
This is a small square booklet ( 2/3 of an A4 ) twenty pages.
I will receive the technical info shortly. Please help us! and do not hesitate to contact us ( only at this address please)
if you have any information that can help us . Love and Gratitude , Minthe


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