The 7 Directions Sacred Dance ™

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The 7 Directions Sacred Dance ™ Minthé 2012




The 7 Directions Sacred Dance, has been received by Minthé at 2012 spring..

It can be used in workshops, teachings, or to introduce powerful ceremonies like the Sacred Breathwork™

Its purpose is to help us to be more connected with the Sacred in everything, and with the powers of the 7 Directions.

Thanks to the Great Spirit, who guided our souls to that prayer in dance and music, and thanks to the Aguas Unidas, Sacred Gathered Waters of Mother Earth, who allowed that.




The 7 Directions Dance  is a Sacred Dance.

A dance between us and the Spirit

A prayer from pour souls and bodies.

For the Spirits of the 7 directions.


- Minthé -




The 7 Directions Sacred Dance is transmitted and thought by Minthé, in the frame of her women circles, workshops, or special dance days..

A cd is available, with the guidance of Minthé's voice.  You can find it in her workshops, or write to Minthé  

Before to transmit it, to teach it, to practice it in your teachings, rituals, ceremonies ..., il could be interesting to spend at least one day with Minthé in practice and teaching of that Sacred Dance, to be sure to understand its essence ...

And please remember  it's not only a dance, but a spiritual practice ...                 

Please respect rights of author for that Sacred Dance, and name the source, if you want to use it in your workshops © Minthé 2012 - Contact with author    



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Tomorrow begins today ...
Love and thanks !

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