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The peace project goal is to educate the truth of water to children all around the world by distributing picture book of THE MESSAGE FROM WATER to children for free. We would like to share a clue to realize world peace that we learned through the research on water in an enjoyable way.


The surface of this planet earth is 70% water, and we human beings are also 70% water. We are mostly water. So, it is very essential that all children learn about water. Through THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, Children will learn that we reflect our self in water and in our surroundings. An attitude of Love and Gratitude can change us and so the entire world will be a sustainable and beautiful place for all beings.


Its intended age is from 3 - 12 years old. In another 20 years or so, we hope that they will be leading the earth in a favorable direction. What we adults can do now is to give them a chance to learn about the water and the true nature of us human being. We hope that the book, THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, will be translated into many languages and be of help to realize the goal.


We adults must minimize the damage done to the earth till then.


Why children?


Children are pure. If we give them a chance to learn about water and the true nature of us human beings, they will grow with the right knowledge to be a good person with the attitude of love and gratitude. We hope that children will lead the earth in a favorable direction in 10 to 20 years from now. We hope that the book, THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, will be translated into many languages and be of help to all children around the world.
















Message from Masaru Emoto

The vision of EPP is to distribute the children’s version of ‘Messages from Water’ entitled THE MESSAGE FROM WATER to children all around the world, free of charge.  ‘Messages from Water’ was first published in 1999. The book contains photographs of water crystal and the book’s message has received wide support from all over the world since then.


For a long time the world has been in a difficult situation where nobody understands why it is the way it is. We are very much far from global peace. In my opinion, one of the most important reasons why the world is in such a state is a lack of fundamental education. What is life? What is it to be human? For what do we exist? Our education systems lack these philosophical teachings.


It is, of course, extremely difficult to create such a curriculum. Since there are many religions in the world, it is not easy to gather all the teachings into one fundamental teaching without causing further conflict amongst people.


After twenty- five years of researching water, I have come to believe that the answer to the above mentioned issue is in water. Everyone must agree that water is the source of everything but even modern science has not yet fully understood water. Consequently, we do not get much education on water at school. Children, therefore, do not have much knowledge of or interest in water.


When asking the question “What is life?”, we first need to understand water, because without water, it is impossible for there to be life or to maintain life. Children’s school books across the world however, are based on science. There is therefore very little explanation on the importance of water.


Children do not understand much about life. Nor do the adults who are operating the world. No wonder we are a long way from world peace.


I have been explaining in my books and talks that photographs of water crystals seem to show the essence of the water. Sadly, scientists have not yet acknowledged this technology. It will be a long time until these photographs are used in school textbooks. Until photographs of water crystals appear in school text books, I would like to distribute my children’s books with sincere cooperation of people around the world.


The distribution of my books began in Japan in 2006. This movement is slowly spreading throughout the world. Thanks to my supporters in each country, there are over 28 countries where “The Message from Water” is being distributed.

However, this is not the end of my project because my wish is to distribute it to at least ten percent of children in the world since I believe this book will convey to children the truth about water. Understanding the truth of water, loving it, and appreciating it, we can, together with children, make the world the peaceful place.


I would be extremely grateful if you could understand my vision and goal, and support our work to achieve this.


Thank you very much for your attention.


With love and gratitude,







Masaru Emoto (Water Messenger),

Chairman of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, Non-Profit Organization


Dr. Masaru Emoto passed away on the 17th October, 2014 at the age of 71.

The team of EMOTO PEACE PROJECT continues to put most of our effort into this meaningful project with the cooperation of Dr. Emoto’s wonderful friends around the world.

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