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Aguas Unidas story, by Minthé



    The Aguas Unidas borned after a vision ... 

  a message ...

" You have to gather the waters of the 4 directions ...

no ... 5 continents ...

Wait ... you must start with 

the waters of the Ganges ..."





I asked ...

"and what will I do with that ?"



And it was answered to me

"I don't know, but you will know it ..." !






I did not know immediately,

but I felt, it was right ...

and I began to gather them ...



The "Aguas Unidas 

are waters for healing and harmony ...


 They are used for the healing

of rivers, seas ...


and it seems to be,

they help us to see more clearly our way of life.



In that way, they are also

healing waters for us !




Since April 2008, Minthé sent her

"Call for the wells"

and walks the roads, 

with all the people who feel concerned about 

protection of water sacred sites,

meeting guardians all over the road ...




In march 2009, with the help of a few people, the

" A G U A S   U N I D A S  "

borned in front of the Sacred Fire,  


First, the purpose was to gather waters

from all revers, lakes,

seas and wells ...




So, everything began with the water of the Ganges,

that my friend Toumaï

brought to me from a travel

on his ancestor's land ...





Waters from all over the world

arrive constantly to join

those that Minthé is gathering


Gathering, harmony, unification 

For peace ...




Thanks to all the people who work on

gathering waters from all the wells,

rivers and seas from Mother Earth.


Titicaca Lake ...  Lourdes well ... 

San Damiano ... Nil ...

Amma Waters ... 

13 Grandmothers gathering in Spain waters

Waters of the Mecca ... of the Jordan River...  

Lake Michigan ... Mexico Gulf ...

 Océans waters ... Pacific, Atlantic, Indian ...


and so much others (we cannot tell them anymore ...)

In harmony, diversité and sharing ...




The "Aguas Unidas" are kept

with much care and respect 

by Minthé , and with her, by some other women, 

to whom she gave Them.


They continue their travel, from well to well  ...

   from rivers to seas, from seas to oceans ...

where they flow

to help for healing, peace and unification ...


In april 2015, the Aguas Unidas received

the special blessing of the Kogis et Arhuacos Mamos, 

Guardians of the Earth Mother

who live in the  Sierra Nevada, Columbia.


The Mamos gave a blessing to the Aguas Unidas, 

so that all the people will listen to their message !

Today, they are become


Peace messengers.


Aguas Unidas (english)


They lead now cérémonies for peace,


every 1st day of the month, after sundown.


see here



To stay in contact and follow what happens with the


" Aguas Unidas "


please register 





Les Aguas Unidas racontées par Minthé

The Aguas Unidas are carefully kept by Minthé, 

and the water Carriers Tradition


Note :
Water shamanism doesn't use plants or drugs,
is practiced in the respect of everyone's freedom,
and doesn't replace regular medicine

You may bring your waters to 


so that they join

the Aguas Unidas, in the Mother-bottle.


Minthé also offers some ceremonies, 

where the waters are mixed, and where she gives the

Aguas Unidas blessing 

to whom wishes it.


This is a very powerful ceremony, for

our souls's healing

and also the healing of our deepest wounds


Sometimes, during those ceremonies,

the Aguas Unidas deliver a message to us


Minthé's cérémonies are always

for free, and open to everyone !



Aguas Unidas (english)

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