Ceremony in connexion with the Aguas Unidas - each 1st day of the month - everywhere in the world

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Ceremony in connexion with the Aguas Unidas - each 1st day of the month - everywhere in the world



This is a call to everyone, men and women, to





The guardians of the Aguas Unidas, gathered Sacred Waters of the Earth Mother, which contain the waters of all nations, peoples, languages ​​and religions, offer you to join them:



just after sunset


wherever you are in the world !


The guardians of the Aguas Unidas pray, meditate, or celebrate every day, with the Aguas Unidas. The 1st day of the month, they offer you to join them, for a big monthly international ceremony which will irradiate all over the planet ...


We are currently developing a list of people who wish to connect to this monthly event, in order to establish a large network of peace.


This network will be named AGUAS UNIDAS for PEACE


The Aguas Unidas are gathered by Minthe since March 2009.

In April 2015, they received the blessing of the Kogi and Arhuaco Mamos, the Earth Guardians living in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

The Mamos gave a blessing to Aguas Unidas, so that everyone listens to their message!

Today, they have become messengers of peace.


* * *


How to participate?


- Send your name, with a note (2 or 3 lines) to minthe@live.fr  

In this way, energetically, we will write somewhere our intentions.


- You will be kept informed of our projects, and the number of people who join the AGUAS UNIDAS for PEACE network.


- Pass the info to all your networks and friends.


- The 1st of the month, at the sunset, take a bowl of water, or get out to the River, and sing, dance, celebrate.


* * *


You can dress in white, the color of peace, if that's your preference. Or wear the colors of the rainbow, colors of the Water Carriers Tradition, related to the Aguas Unidas.

Repeat the Great Invocation, Ho'oponopono, or Prayer for the Medicine of Water, as many times as you like.

We will all be connected.


* * *


The guardians of Aguas Unidas, carrying their bottle, and Minthe, with the Mother Bottle, will send to each of you, the blessing of the Sacred Waters.


Love will fight fear!

Peace will conquer war!

If we believe in it ...




Cérémonie en connexion avec les Aguas Unidas - tous les 1ers du mois - partout dans le monde


Follow the evolution of the Aguas Unidas for Peace network and comments of participants here :



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Hatch Oh Neh ( « Standing Strong Woman »)


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Note :
Le chamanisme de l'eau se pratique sans utilisation de plantes ni drogues,
dans le respect des lois, et de la liberté de chacun,  
et ne remplace en aucun cas la médecine conventionnelle.
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   J'el va fé por l'êwe ...
   Ni guh Izhi chigay nibi onji ...
   I will do it for the water ...
    Lo voy a hacer por el agua ...
   Je le ferai pour l'eau ...
Amour et gratitude !
Note : cette photo est sous copyright (merci Yannick, et merci à Sabu, sur la photo !)
et a été prise lors de la Cérémonie de l'Eau au Souffle du Rêve dans les Cévennes
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