7 Sacred Directions School

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The 7 Sacred Directions School
created by Minthé
in Ardèche and Switzerland ...
* * *
We will work with the wounded healer principle 
(we only can help others if we are healed ourselves)
* * *
The 7 Sacred Directions School is :
A medicine wheel in 7 independent week-ends, 
for our personal healing, 
where we will, at each time, work with a different energy, 
following the moment direction, in order to have made 
a complete tour in 7 week-ends, to become more "hole" 

An initiation to water shamanism, 

in connection with the 7 Sacred Directions ...

Fluidity, sweetness, love ...



An initiation to basic shamanism, including call in the directions, 

shamanic journey,  ceremonies coming from different traditions

to let go, make decisions, recover our personal power, ... 

An invitation to learn, fully integrate and be able to transmettre l’essence teach the real essence of the 7 Directions Sacred Dance.



Teachings validated by the Ancestral Shamanism College



For everyone, men and women


* * *
Each direction is totally indépendant from each other
You may come for one of them only,
or make a hole tour of the medicine wheel,  
in order to obtain the certification of the
Ancestral Shamanism College.
The week-end will begin on friday evening
Minthé will offer private consultations
on appointment, in the afternoon
to share in private what doen't concern the group,
and receive a personal guidance.
The healing ceremony with Aguas Unidas will take place on friday night
You may invite someone to join us.
The ceremony is always free and open to everyone.
* * *
The price for the week-end is 240 euros (200 euros in "Early Bird")
The accommodation (bed and breakfast in shared house)
is not include (see details at registration)
Bring your own food.
Is you want to register, please write to  Minthe@live.fr
* * *
Details on followed links :

Ardèche (South of France) :


November, 24 to 26th 2017 :


March, 09 to 11th  2018 :


June, 22 to 24th 2018 :


November, 23 to 25th 2018 :


East France / Switzerland  :


September, 8 to 10th 2017 :


March, 02 to 4th  2018 :


May, 25 to 27th 2018 :


September, 07 to 09th 2018 :


December, 16 to 18th 2018 :

Note :
Water shamanism doesn't use plants or drugs,
is practiced in the respect of everyone's freedom,
and doesn't replace regular medicine






You may bring your waters to 


so that they join

the Aguas Unidas, in the Mother-bottle.


Minthé also offers some ceremonies, 

where the waters are mixed, and where she gives the

Aguas Unidas blessing 

to whom wishes it.


This is a very powerful ceremony, for

our souls's healing

and also the healing of our deepest wounds


Sometimes, during those ceremonies, 

the Aguas Unidas deliver a message to us


Minthé's cérémonies are always

for free, et open to everyone !



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