Le petit lexique des nouveaux paradigmes (EN)

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Dear water

You are ...
Without you, I could not be
Without you, the Earth could to be !
Without you, we could not be !

You are ...
Nice, fresh, strong, joyful, alive, passionate.
Like a woman !

You are ...
Cleansing, transformation, change, eternity ...
Healing for souls.

You are ...
In the womb of our mothers,
In the womb of the earth,
You are life !

You are overflowing with your angers,
You are marveling us with your mysteries,
And you bless us !

You rock us with your waves you grow our seeds, and our children ...
You water us, and than you change of face to show us who you really are ...
And however, we don't understand anything !

You come ...
From the deepness of Mother Earth, where you hide of our injuries,
Or from the skies, from the purest of the stars.

You speak, but nobody hears you !
And however ...
You dance, and I dance with you !
I love you.


Minthé - 2016
Lexique des nouveaux paradigmes ... Page 170


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Le petit lexique des nouveaux paradigmes

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